Who am I? …. why am I doing this? …. good question!!!

My name is Adrienne, and I live in Queensland Australia. I started this blog as an outlet to say something about stuff that mattered to me and to share my passion of nature photography with others. I was in recovery at the time ( 4 years ago) from Breast cancer and had discovered that it was important to recognise that each day represents new challenges and opportunities to take in the moments. I made a point of going out every day, no matter how close to my home (and sometimes it was not very far from home, as I was having chemo and didn’t have a lot of energy) and seeking out the little things that made me smile. Invariably it was nature in some small way, that gave me that opportunity, whether it was a flower, a bird or an insect….. I celebrate them all.
since then I have decided I am definitely a “tree hugger” …. just love to feel the strength and solidarity of a real living giant.

20 thoughts on “Who am I? …. why am I doing this? …. good question!!!”

  1. Adreinne,
    I looked around here today, and I’m in awe of the lovely photos! I’m especially fond of birds and butterflies! These are amazing! I found you via Anand’s site, by the way.

  2. Well, lookee here! We both have had the dreaded B.C. and survived, so good on us. Meantime, your photos are superb and I loved looking at them and will enjoy the next batch to come along.

  3. Hello Adreinne… Well done ..all your photographs are brimming with so much life that it shows how passionate you are!!! Capturing the nuances of nature is indeed a talent!!!

      1. Man has moved a long way from nature, it’s beauty and importance… Your blog is all the more important since it really would make people turn towards nature and say : “Oh Oh…am i missing something here…”

      2. I’m glad to know you have overcome breast cancer and is now finding joy on taking photographs, blogging and on appreciating nature. I have a friend who has succumbed to breast cancer but someone I will never forget because despite knowing her time is near she exuded positivity and happiness and was still able to uplift others and when I’m in negative state I just think of her and it uplifts my spirit. Keep doing what you are doing, it really enlightens the world 🙂

      3. Yes, I have to check out your post to know what to call you Adrienne 🙂 That’s my pen name here so as not to call much attention to my boring and simple life lol :p

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