9 thoughts on “Camera Lucida-Out of Place”

  1. Thank you for joining Camera Lucida, it’s lovely to have you:)
    The picture looks amazing…so out of place but at the same time somehow belonging:)

    1. Thank you Julia … I am just so happy that I managed to do it…took me hours to navigate through the links and once you told me about the title I was away and running. I have always wanted to blog this little tree as it is a survivor!!!!!
      I look forward to more of your challenges on Camera Lucida



  2. Such an amazing photo! I’m no expert, I own a simple point and shoot, but as a reader I completely fell in love with this photo 🙂 please keep them coming!

      1. I will be sure to. Great pictures always inspire me to try harder with my own pictures. What a lovely activity to go with my tea on a Saturday morning 🙂

        Where can I find the link? Thank you 🙂

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