Forever young … If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.”

Forever young … If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

When I was much younger I would probably have said …yes of course…lead me to the well and I have a huge glass with me ….


As I look back on my youthful photos I see a lovely young woman who was blessed with nice eyes, and a fairly attractive face along with a tall build and a brain that I would like to access now and then . Had I been asked this question then, when I was full of the naivete of  life and always hungry for something in the greener paddock next door ,  I would have been the first to say  “fill my cup let’s drink and be merry” !!IMG_2827

… but then came the years, and the challenges and along the way … the wisdom . ( at least I hope that at my age of late 50s I have had the good sense to acquire some!)

When I was thirty, after a brush with breast cancer … well maybe I would have been knocking everyone else out of the way to achieve this miracle longevity!

Or would I?  After all, drinking from the fountain of youth means you can look young forever …. doesn’t it? Nobody said I would be healthy… just that I would stay looking young and being the silly naive 30 year old that I was???  Perish the thought !!!

Along with my dry skin wrinkles and grey hairs has come a wealth of wisdom that tells me that beauty is indeed skin deep

dark witch

and if not accompanied by a beautiful heart then it is nothing.  Add to that …. would staying young mean that I would forever be young but worried about my breast cancer?

Would I be forever young and go on to have a child that would grow older than her mother???

  Would I have to like the next generation’s music because eventually I would be their age?

I could even be stuck on the treadmill of rushing from one destination to another, thinking it is all so important that I miss seeing the flowers bloom .

Maybe I would grow tired of seeing the days come and go and the sun and moon rise … since what makes experiencing these things so special is the changing perspectives from which we view them as we age.

Surely too, this would mean that I have not accepted the human condition and journey on this earth … that I see no value in our beloved elderly , with their wizened faces that have a wisdom in every fold?

But seriously, looking at my concerns in life now when I observe the world around me,  meaning the planet and not just my tiny corner of the world,  is would this water from the fountain be potable even?  And for how many years would it remain so? Surely if it was in the US or Australia….. it would not be trustworthy as the water tables are in danger of being so polluted by giant mining interests and Coal Seam Gas Fracking  that my most serious concern would be …… has that well feeding the fountain of Youth …. been poisoned ?

CSG image

Under the Fountain of Youth ???

I urge you to consider the benefits of ageing gracefully, of letting your accumulated wisdom from those years shine out, showing the inner beauty that can only come from living life and learning all of its valuable lessons. AS the old saying goes….. life is not a dress rehearsal … and the fountain of youth is almost certainly fraught with hidden dangers

9 thoughts on “Forever young … If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?”

  1. This is a thought-provoking post and you speak for all of us, all humanity. I loved reading your take.

    Thanks Adrienne. Best Wishes,


  2. Thank you Anand …. I am glad you liked it… I have been thinking about my aims here and even though I started out as wanting to just share my lovely photos… I seem to not be able to leave it to that without trying to share my concerns about the world around us. I am happy to be in it, but if I am ever blessed with grandchildren then I surely want them to be able to enjoy it as we have done

  3. Nice insight and I love your post. However I wonder, why do so many of us lose that wisdom we have accumulated through the years and regress to the fears and behavior that we had in our 20s?

      1. Exactly. I know so many middle aged and older women who behave in a way that would make them cringe if their daughters were to do the same. Once they’re divorced or widowed, they “regress” into their 20’s – become desperate, let men treat them like shit, lose all of their outside interests …It’s very scary. It makes me think: does it take a significant event to make us lose all that wisdom that we have accumulated? Does the same happen to men?

  4. Yes, now that I think of it….. I do know many women in that category…. but I just think they are regressing because they have not lived properly and found themselves before they married. I did all that stuff before I married at 30… then i grew in a different direction and now I am growing in a different but not divergent direction if you know what I mean ….. i have my best friend by my side and we do not restrict each other’s growth 🙂

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