Sign Language

In response to Anwyn’s Photo spotlights …. at    A Wandering Woman ….

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I would love to share a few cute signs I have seen…well at least one at this stage anyway. Australia has the most comical signs at times with our weird wildlife ….

I thought this one was very cute

Didn't realise that they would need a boat!
Didn’t realise that they would need a boat!

And this one had me stumped!!!  I mean…what on earth does it mean???

I tried to levitate immediately...and failed
I tried to levitate immediately…and failed

I often , when I come across stuff like this , think…. what were they thinking?  Am I missing something?  were they thinking at all or is this just a joke??

I will search for more images to add to this, but I fear that the best of my sightings are lost in boxes of real prints!!!

I have made a start at least… that is something ..blogging an evolving process I am learning

5 thoughts on “Sign Language”

  1. Keep those signs coming! I love them. My best guess for the second one is that there are Martians ahead. If the arrow was above an empty circle pointed to the right, it would simply mean Mars and/or men. But because the circle has legs in it, the sign can only be a warning of an alien invasion.

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