Time to get this show on the road again!

So I am just going to jump in head first and start writing about what is happening now …  kind of like speed dating only … well speed blogging?

Peace in the rainforest
Peace in the rainforest

So much has happened this summer … the good the bad … and the ugly …. that the whirlwind of events knocked us clean off our feet in my household … so a few moments with my daughter and friends in the calm of Mary Cairncross rainforest in Maleny was just what the doctor ordered.  Ahh    breathe …… sometimes it’s hard to remember that important function.

Joys come in small packages…. and the arrival of our grandson in the midst of chaos and tears really turned our Christmas around
NO …not the flying nun!!  SInce chemotherapy was going to knock my hair out within a week this beautiful hat was a welcome gift from my daughter.

8 thoughts on “Time to get this show on the road again!”

  1. Happy new year. I’ve been on the same journey and have come out the other side, happy and healthy. Thinking of you.

  2. I still blog on a desk top. I would hate to have to do it on an iPad. And I rely totally on the dashboard, because I don’t like the relatively new “easy and improved” interface on WordPress. You have my sympathy!

    One point. I was recently helping a friend who was using a laptop to set up a blog, and we couldn’t find the dashboard there either. Weird.

    1. I find the different platforms for mobile, ipad and laptop to be confusing when you switch between them I am gradually finding my way between them and have found the dashboard and other places, though I must admit their reappearance tends to be rather random !!!! I still just need to find the code source for a random Flickr feed to my blog that is showing shots from there that are not mine, that is the only thing I currently dont have control over, well ,, that and how to reformat my blog and make it flow better ha ha

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