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I am a nature lover who is lucky enough to live in Queensland in one of the most beautiful spots ... the Sunshine Coast. Photography has always been a passion for me and is a great way to escape from the daily stresses of life .... I try to share natural images to encourage others to be aware and participate in life and our natural world and enjoy each moment that we are given on this precious earth. In more recent times I have been reminded of the fragility of life once again and the importance of being mindful to live and experience each moment as if it could be our last. Now living with secondary breast cancer I am finding it has changed my view of the world even after living with the threat for thirty years since y first occurrence. This is my life ....

Breakfast on the beach….. Boxing Day 2013

Breakfast on the beach..... Boxing Day 2013

While the rest of the world queued up for hours in department stores chasing bargains that they didn’t need to have….. I settle for a leisurely dawn stroll along my local beach. As the ad says …. moments like this….. “Priceless”


Under the Fig trees

There is a special place under the trees, where for a moment , you can forget that a busy road runs by, and that children play in the playground nearby.

A seat beckons…… take a rest for a few minutes ….. it is a cathedral made especially for the birds .Image

trying to post

Have so much to say and yet can’t think of anything when I come to this blog… am going to have to fix that. Love my little iphone blogger cam maybe I will start there .. here are a few images from the last month

Smooching at the beach

benji my walking buddy

Beautiful tree in the park

Every day I see so many cool things, and pretty little bits of nature and stuff….. too good not to comment on .

Beach Shack Break

Walking on the beach with my toes in the water, chatting with all the dog owners and their wonderful and happy dogs, coffee by the beach…just lovely.
When you take away the glitz glam and hype that Christmas on the tourist belt brings with it, you are left with the lovely realisation that underneath there is a reality that is infinitely more down to earth and appealing. A short holiday down at this awesome little beach headland only 20 minutes away from home was heavenly after a tough 6 months .

Thanks for that have to go to Bloomhill Cancer care who make it available to their members ….. and the owner of the place of course.

Arriving to find the glorious Poinciana trees in full bloom both front and back was a good sign that this was the right place 🙂

Good morning world!

Each morning I wake to the happy chorus of the neighbourhood birds…..and each day it is a joy to experience. Something cool about listening to them start their business of the day that just  makes me want to be up with them. Whether it is the flute like haunting call of the Pied Butcher bird, the repetitive machine gun trill of the Leewin’s Honey Eater or the crazy howlings of my resident green Catbirds…..  or a combination of the whole orchestra….. mornings are music to my ears and make me feel that is is great to be alive!