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An image to show a sense of taste for Cees Fun Photo Challenge

I took this image especially for the challenge this week on Cees fun Photo challenge – a sense of taste

As I was having fun slicing and placing such colourful food, I decided it would be nice to set the dish among my herbs in the garden to add to the sense of taste theme …. imagine my surprise when a beautiful little Lady Bug decided  to taste as well !!!



Walk me through your neighbourhood ….. what can you see .. here is my Back Yard Challenge?

An invitation to walk in your neighbourhood and tell us what you see that inspires you , brings you joy  or even makes you sad . Every day I make sure to  observe something that gives me joy , and to be honest, living in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast  in Queensland, Australia, it really is not hard to be inspired. I am forever grateful for the fact that I can breathe clean air, listen to a huge variety of beautiful birds sing and feel the green grass under my feet somewhere close by . I may see beauty in the colours and textures of a native plant such as this beautiful Banksia


or as I stop by the local pond I just might get lucky enough to see this amazing creature…. gives a whole new meaning to catching a dragon!!img_9248

And right outside my front garden was this noisy little Brown honey eater enjoying the nectar while the dew is still on it first thing in the morning.  Isn’t he sweet?


As I was trying to catch Mr Brown, I had that feeling that I was being watched… and lo and behold there was this crazy fella just staring at me from about waist height in the bush next to me….. he is a Spangled Drongo, that is more familiar with the northern ends of our country and hails from the New Guinea area, but with our mild climate many of them decide to settle and call the Sunshine coast home. I am glad to have them and all their silly craziness…such agile fliers and hilarious loud cacklings…. they look amazing in flight with the fish tails and their acrobatics.


I am often amazed at how beauty struggles through to even the most industrial kind of surroundings ….


I would love to see some of your local areas as you walk about each day…. feel free to post and tag this page so that I can see what a day in the life is like at your place.

Lets start with  things that put a smile on your face and then we can progress to other challenges .

Being Australian … lets call this the Backyard challenge

Sign Language

In response to Anwyn’s Photo spotlights …. at    A Wandering Woman ….

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I would love to share a few cute signs I have seen…well at least one at this stage anyway. Australia has the most comical signs at times with our weird wildlife ….

I thought this one was very cute

Didn't realise that they would need a boat!
Didn’t realise that they would need a boat!

And this one had me stumped!!!  I mean…what on earth does it mean???

I tried to levitate immediately...and failed
I tried to levitate immediately…and failed

I often , when I come across stuff like this , think…. what were they thinking?  Am I missing something?  were they thinking at all or is this just a joke??

I will search for more images to add to this, but I fear that the best of my sightings are lost in boxes of real prints!!!

I have made a start at least… that is something ..blogging an evolving process I am learning