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Finally!! Back to blogging fundamentals

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After stumbling around in the dark, literally as I find myself awake late at night trying to navigate both WordPress and a new iPad !, I feel a victory in the wind!

Like magic , the help of The Daily Post has suddenly reappeared 🙏🏻😎 so hopefully my late night ramblings will lead to interesting and entertaining posts that will help to grow my brain and my audience


Keep on running…as long as you are going forward

Take another Step by Jim Willett

Just had to share this video here as it is so pertinent to things I have been through and will have to say in the future… as yet I haven’t had chance to write about the healthy mind healthy body stuff I would like to… be watch this space as it will come!!!

It seems so long ago ….

therapy 1
In 2011 while having chemotherapy it was like therapy for me to sit by this most beautiful beach and enjoy and coffee in the winter sun all by myself…. counting my blessings

Who am I? …. why am I doing this? …. good question!!!

My name is Adrienne, and I live in Queensland Australia. I started this blog as an outlet to say something about stuff that mattered to me and to share my passion of nature photography with others. I was in recovery at the time ( 4 years ago) from Breast cancer and had discovered that it was important to recognise that each day represents new challenges and opportunities to take in the moments. I made a point of going out every day, no matter how close to my home (and sometimes it was not very far from home, as I was having chemo and didn’t have a lot of energy) and seeking out the little things that made me smile. Invariably it was nature in some small way, that gave me that opportunity, whether it was a flower, a bird or an insect….. I celebrate them all.
since then I have decided I am definitely a “tree hugger” …. just love to feel the strength and solidarity of a real living giant.