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Who am I? …. why am I doing this? …. good question!!!

My name is Adrienne, and I live in Queensland Australia. I started this blog as an outlet to say something about stuff that mattered to me and to share my passion of nature photography with others. I was in recovery at the time ( 4 years ago) from Breast cancer and had discovered that it was important to recognise that each day represents new challenges and opportunities to take in the moments. I made a point of going out every day, no matter how close to my home (and sometimes it was not very far from home, as I was having chemo and didn’t have a lot of energy) and seeking out the little things that made me smile. Invariably it was nature in some small way, that gave me that opportunity, whether it was a flower, a bird or an insect….. I celebrate them all.
since then I have decided I am definitely a “tree hugger” …. just love to feel the strength and solidarity of a real living giant.