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I am a nature lover who is lucky enough to live in Queensland in one of the most beautiful spots ... the Sunshine Coast. Photography has always been a passion for me and is a great way to escape from the daily stresses of life .... I try to share natural images to encourage others to be aware and participate in life and our natural world and enjoy each moment that we are given on this precious earth. In more recent times I have been reminded of the fragility of life once again and the importance of being mindful to live and experience each moment as if it could be our last. Now living with secondary breast cancer I am finding it has changed my view of the world even after living with the threat for thirty years since y first occurrence. This is my life ....

Time to get this show on the road again!

So I am just going to jump in head first and start writing about what is happening now …  kind of like speed dating only … well speed blogging?

Peace in the rainforest
Peace in the rainforest

So much has happened this summer … the good the bad … and the ugly …. that the whirlwind of events knocked us clean off our feet in my household … so a few moments with my daughter and friends in the calm of Mary Cairncross rainforest in Maleny was just what the doctor ordered.  Ahh    breathe …… sometimes it’s hard to remember that important function.

Joys come in small packages…. and the arrival of our grandson in the midst of chaos and tears really turned our Christmas around
NO …not the flying nun!!  SInce chemotherapy was going to knock my hair out within a week this beautiful hat was a welcome gift from my daughter.

Reminder to self: I sometimes do laugh with dementia…

Today, I need to remind myself I can still laugh, even with dementia… and that it is not alway a miserable experience.

Source: Reminder to self: I sometimes do laugh with dementia…


Please enjoy this wonderful interview with the irrepressible Kate Swaffer

and wake up to the realities of dementia , not just as you may know it

Once in a Blood Moon …..

Bad moon rising
The moment when this blood orange coloured moon rose from the ocean this night was simply breathtaking, I couldn’t take my eyes off it
Nothing puts this world into perspective more than thinking that this colourful ball is being lit by the sun that otherwise lights our days
In just a few moments of stillness this amazing ball just rose into the sky against a backdrop of blue sky turning to dark grey as the sun on the opposite side of the sky slowly sank to earth with a fiery glow
With a miracle of the universe occurring right behind them, this group of fitness fanatics did not deviate for one moment from their boot camp training ..... I know... I am an exercise and fitness philistine ... but seriously .... how can you not take the time to appreciate such a monumentally beautiful occurrence ? It did seem to be representative of our lifestyle these days.... so much busyness!!!
With a miracle of the universe occurring right behind them, this group of fitness fanatics did not deviate for one moment from their boot camp training ….. I know… I am an exercise and fitness philistine … but seriously …. how can you not take the time to appreciate such a monumentally beautiful occurrence ? It did seem to be representative of our lifestyle these days…. so much busyness!!!
By the light of the silvery moon .....
The blood red moon soon changed to a silvery delight as night fell

Camera Lucida …week #11 Challenge : Autumn

In response to  Camera Lucida Challenge : Autumn

Although on this side of the planet we are heading into summer and not winter I still managed to find some autumn tones for this challenge

Dead Banksia Seed Head
Dead Banksia Seed Head
Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves
When people plant exotics and deciduos trees in their gardens and parks we are lucky enough to experience a tiny bit of Autumn.
When people plant exotics and deciduous trees in their gardens and parks we are lucky enough to experience a tiny bit of Autumn.

An image to show a sense of taste for Cees Fun Photo Challenge

I took this image especially for the challenge this week on Cees fun Photo challenge – a sense of taste

As I was having fun slicing and placing such colourful food, I decided it would be nice to set the dish among my herbs in the garden to add to the sense of taste theme …. imagine my surprise when a beautiful little Lady Bug decided  to taste as well !!!


Walk me through your neighbourhood ….. what can you see .. here is my Back Yard Challenge?

An invitation to walk in your neighbourhood and tell us what you see that inspires you , brings you joy  or even makes you sad . Every day I make sure to  observe something that gives me joy , and to be honest, living in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast  in Queensland, Australia, it really is not hard to be inspired. I am forever grateful for the fact that I can breathe clean air, listen to a huge variety of beautiful birds sing and feel the green grass under my feet somewhere close by . I may see beauty in the colours and textures of a native plant such as this beautiful Banksia


or as I stop by the local pond I just might get lucky enough to see this amazing creature…. gives a whole new meaning to catching a dragon!!img_9248

And right outside my front garden was this noisy little Brown honey eater enjoying the nectar while the dew is still on it first thing in the morning.  Isn’t he sweet?


As I was trying to catch Mr Brown, I had that feeling that I was being watched… and lo and behold there was this crazy fella just staring at me from about waist height in the bush next to me….. he is a Spangled Drongo, that is more familiar with the northern ends of our country and hails from the New Guinea area, but with our mild climate many of them decide to settle and call the Sunshine coast home. I am glad to have them and all their silly craziness…such agile fliers and hilarious loud cacklings…. they look amazing in flight with the fish tails and their acrobatics.


I am often amazed at how beauty struggles through to even the most industrial kind of surroundings ….


I would love to see some of your local areas as you walk about each day…. feel free to post and tag this page so that I can see what a day in the life is like at your place.

Lets start with  things that put a smile on your face and then we can progress to other challenges .

Being Australian … lets call this the Backyard challenge

Sign Language

In response to Anwyn’s Photo spotlights …. at    A Wandering Woman ….

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I would love to share a few cute signs I have seen…well at least one at this stage anyway. Australia has the most comical signs at times with our weird wildlife ….

I thought this one was very cute

Didn't realise that they would need a boat!
Didn’t realise that they would need a boat!

And this one had me stumped!!!  I mean…what on earth does it mean???

I tried to levitate immediately...and failed
I tried to levitate immediately…and failed

I often , when I come across stuff like this , think…. what were they thinking?  Am I missing something?  were they thinking at all or is this just a joke??

I will search for more images to add to this, but I fear that the best of my sightings are lost in boxes of real prints!!!

I have made a start at least… that is something ..blogging an evolving process I am learning

Sense of hearing ….. in an image

In response to  Cees fun photo challenge – sense of hearing

I took this shot some time ago when my daughter was strumming her guitar and singing  for the opening of a friend’s art exhibition, the light and the ambience was just perfect that day

My daughter strumming her guitar – vibrations

 Cees fun photo challenge – sense of hearing

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Hearing

Cee's Photography

091515hear_2 Vintage Music Box

This is our forth week of a new series that I am calling a Habits and the 5 Senses.

This week’s topic is the colors of the sense of hearing.    You can be simple like I did this week and used instruments.  You can also get radical and show someone blasting apart a sidewalk with a jackhammer or the soothing sound of the ocean waves.  This week you can post anything that stimulates or delights you when you hear it.   Be creative and have fun. Feel free to dig around in your archives for photos if you don’t have anything new you can photograph.   Most of all I hope you have fun.

Featured Bloggers

022414-feature-bannerI had a marvelous response from all of you on last week’s color are Sense of Touch.  I want to say thank you to each of you.  Here are the featured bloggers for this week…

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Camera Lucida : The Colour of Life

In response to the challenge  Camera Lucida : The Colour Of Life


What colours my life?  There are so many beautiful things that make the heart sing, and behind much of it is the sun , and the glorious light that it shines on everything around us to create a variety of captivating colours and hues. Instead of just one photo I will choose three things I have seen that absolutely colour my world

Colours of nature
Little green Munchers
Butterflies are like fine brushstrokes of natures pallet
Late afternoon sun filtering everything it touches with a golden hazy hue